GMO Growers - GMO will make you sick, so will TEFLON

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Reject everything made with GMO - genetically modified organism. It's a biggest scam after federal taxes. Do your research. The world hunger only expended due to this world wide scam. It will make you sick, it made me sick, and i've been sick for a long time after i stopped consuming this garbage. You will start going to doctors, need i continue?! Also Stop buying TEFLON nonstick cookware, it is a CARCINOGEN! That will also make the pharmaceutical's industry stock go up - at your expense. It is used by a military industry and not for food related purposes.

"A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of truth."

-- Albert Einstein, letter to a friend, 1901


San Jose, California, United States #819632

I am 71 and very healthy and have ate store bought food my whole life.So is my family.I would like some proof.


told ya it will make you sick, now if you want to explain your problem in understandable to us humans terms, but then, you might want to whine about that to your shrink. Why can't you just say ARRRRRRRRR you monkey.


Shut the f*u*c*k up and go polish your tin foil hat.

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